Web Applications and Business Tools

System integration

Agile development

Business process audit

Payment and ticketing solutions


System integrations

Data imports with regular daily processes or real time updates

Data export to accounting software and other BI tools

API integrations between multiple systems

Manual import & export procedures

Automatic or manual integrations between different applications and processes

Using different software tools is a standard in any modern company - connecting those tools by use of APIs helps to speed up data exchange, to avoid mistakes and to reduce data duplication.


Agile development

Client is fully involved in the development process

Regular updates and testing during development

Requirements are defined but can be updated if necessary

Documentation for critical and core parts of the system

Agile development methodology helps to achieve best results

While agile methodology helps us to deliver regular updates and adjust requirements if necessary, most important part in any project is client's involvement and collaboration during the system development process.



Full business process audit to help to define requirements for new applications

Functionality audit for existing tools and applications

Source code analysis for existing software

Third party vendor integration audits

Analysis of the existing situation

Sometimes it is more difficult to understand the current situation and possible solutions than to develop actual software tool after all the requirements are gathered. Audit helps to document existing processes and build roadmap for the future.


Payment solutions

Online banking payments

Credit card payments

Apple Pay / Google Pay

Recurring payments

Online payments

With help of Open Banking directive (Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2, Directive (EU) 2015/2366)) online payments have become much more convenient and secure across the Europe. With one legal contract and technical integration customer can implement multiple payment methods in any country.