Cloud architecture

Continuous integration & deployment

Monitoring, backups and reporting

Regular server updates


Cloud architecture

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

Digital Ocean

Cloud infrastructure reduces hardware risks and enables scaling

Owning physical servers is no longer a popular choice - everything can be stored and maintained using the cloud infrastructure. Custom web servers, storage, firewalls can be created or destroyed without expensive investments and long setup times.


Continuous integration & deployment

Docker based virtualization

Regular and fast functionality updates and bugfixes

Easy to roll back in case of failure

Automated testing

CI/CD tools save time and resources

Once correctly set up (yes, setup can be a challenge), CI/CD pipelines allow to automatically deploy new features or bug fixes to Stage or Production environments, after all tests and code reviews have been approved.


Monitoring, backups and reporting

Service monitoring and mobile notifications

Offsite backups

Database backups for quick data recovery

Reporting services

Critical infrastructure monitoring

Due to modern complexity and the variety of applications and tools working in the background, regular updating and monitoring can help to identify any problems at an early stage and take appropriate action. Not only full backup, but also small database backups that can be quickly restored help you keep up with small-scale data corruption or human error.


Regular server updates

Linux server administration

Security and maintenance updates

Docker application updates

Third party package updates

Regular updates to your infrastructure

Modern application use large number of tools and third party libraries - it is critical to apply regular updates to everything starting from server operating system to PHP frameworks and third party libraries used for different tasks.