Hardware integration and IoT

Hardware control and automation

Custom hardware development

Cloud integration and data storage

Prototyping and 3D printing


Hardware control and automation

Hardware control via network APIs

Event queue processing

IoT networks

Status monitoring

Hardware and software integration

Integration between hardware and software has never been easier thanks to the latest microcontrollers which support modern communication protocols and have Wifi, Bluetooth (BLE) and other networking built-in capabilities.


Custom hardware development

PCB schematics and layout design

Microcontroller programming

Sensor integration

Battery or mains voltage source

Custom hardware

Sometimes software is not enough to support or improve specific business processes and a custom sensor or device with user input capabilities is required. We can create and develop such a device, including software integration.


Cloud integration and data storage

Data collection from IoT devices

Cloud control of network connected devices

Processing and storage of incoming data

Analytics and reports

Cloud integration for hardware

Multiple network connected devices can send data to the cloud server where information can be processed and stored for later use and analysis.