Andis Cīrulis

Board member, CTO
Prior to establishing White Digital, Andis worked over 10 years in the IT and financial sectors, gaining experience on IT systems and their business applications. His previous employers include DELFI (an online media portal in the Baltics) and LINDORFF (a leading, outsourced receivables management company in Europe).

Elvis Lediņš

Backend developer
After getting a bachelors degree in medical engineering, Elvis moved onto programming and found it fascinating. He is currently getting a second degree in computer sciences at the University of Latvia. Meanwhile, medicine studies taught him to be precise, and showed him how costly mistakes can be. These are invaluable qualities in every field. In his free time, tennis is his game of choice.

Ēriks Cīrulis

Eriks started his first company at the age of 15, and since then, he has been solving different financial problems outside school curriculum. He likes economics and finance, and can explain everything in simple terms that even those not connected to these fields can understand. Eriks loves nature, especially fishing and hunting; he knows all the lakes, forests and rivers around Latvia.

Harijs Cīrulis

Sales Manager
Harijs has been creating and running different internet projects since Latvia connected to the internet. He has a unique understanding of what works and what doesn't. He doesn't "sell" web solutions to clients, but helps them navigate the ever-changing digital landscape, so they can choose the best approach to grow business, or boost sales. Harijs is one of the best go-kart drivers in Latvia, and represents country in different international competitions.

Jānis Seržants

Frontend developer
Before working at White Digital, Janis worked at largest email marketing company in Latvia, Mailigen, where he gained international experience and expertise. He completes his tasks with high sense of responsibility and quality. Janis stays positive no matter what. He likes to organize internal foosball matches, and at the moment, he is an unbeaten champion.

Juris Ruseckis

Project Manager
Juris has bachelor’s degree in computer science, which helps a lot in his project management duties. He can make educated promises to clients, and communicate all the technical nuances to our internal development teams. In his free time, he loves to practice folk-dancing.

Kristaps Birzins

Backend developer
Kristaps has a unique personality. His attention to detail can drive everybody crazy, but in the end he is almost always right. He pushes himself and those around him, and takes nothing for granted. He helps young developers understand the principles behind software engineering and consistenly solve everyday problems. Kristaps loves to socialize and spend time with his friends.

Lauris Mikāls

Frontend Developer
Lauris always seeks adventures and travels a lot, be it by foot, on a bicycle, or on a boat. He loves movie-making, and everything visual. That's why he is visual programmer, turning designs into interactive and responsive websites. Lauris follows new technology trends, and always pushes himself to the limits while trying to learn something new, looking for ways to adapt it in everyday use.

Līva Liepiņa Portal Director
Liva has worked at Draugiem Group as general manager of, the largest discount marketplace in Latvia. Now she is successfully running, an online database of bathhouses. Her responsibilities include customer support, portal development and strategy and marketing activities. Every week Liva spends at least four days doing different sporting activities, which help her to stay in good shape and good mood.

Raitis Rasmanis

Backend developer
Raitis pushes the limits both in extreme sports and his work. He doesn't take anything for granted, but instead, tries to understand why things work the way they do. He is fast learner and experiments a lot—every new project and technology is exciting for him.

Reinis Kasparsons

Backend Developer
Reinis is one of oldest team members at White Digital. He has grown a lot personally, and has helped others to do the same. He navigates between projects, technology, and his studies at the University of Latvia with ease; learning new things is second nature to him. Reinis also has broad personal interests. He plays guitar, runs summer camps for kids, plays sports, and spends time with his many friends.

Our Philosophy

Today, when everything around us becomes digital, it is crucial not to forget about human relationships, trust and good handshake.

That is the reason why our team is united behind single goal - to find harmony between virtual and real. And help our clients to find this harmony as well, using technologies of 21st century.

While our foundation lays on time tested and reliable technologies, we are not afraid to experiment with latest and most advanced innovations in web development. We are reaching our clients (or our clients' clients) with multitude of different devices and screeens but keeping in mind that most important element in any kind of commerce was, is and always will be human.